So my New Zealand Bird series has morphed into something pretty special – Wrapt in New Zealand.  

Wrapt in New Zealand uses Merino and rare breed wools, possum down, alpaca, cashmere and mohair fleeces from animals grown in New Zealand.  These yarns are spun and dyed by kiwi artisans before being transformed by a sixth-generation New Zealander into stunning, one-of-a-kind, hand-woven pieces.

The inspiration for these beautiful products comes from the native birds of Aotearoa:

Tui, Kiwi, Kereru, PukekoKea & Kokako

Wrapt in New Zealand has an uncompromising  commitment to craftsmanship.  It takes several days to transform more than a kilometre of yarn into a finished wrap.  Individual motifs inspired by Maori & Pacifica design are painstakingly added, customising each piece.

Wraps, scarves and blankets are all on offer at Wrapt in New Zealand.  Each piece represents a genuine piece of New Zealand.  Anyone lucky enough to own a Wrapt in New Zealand piece will be impressed by the intricacy and intrigued by the authentic references to New Zealand’s cultural and natural heritage.

They are a fantastic gift option for overseas guests or special visitors.  Not only will it blow them away, but it will become a spectacular memento of New Zealand and you.  Each piece is authentic, meaningful, simple to transport, that speaks of New Zealand’s unique place in the world.

Act now to send your special guest home embraced by a piece of New Zealand.  Contact us today!

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