Wrapt in New Zealand is a happy combination of Kiwi textile design, New Zealand farmers, shearers, yarn processors and indie dyers.  I look forward to sharing both my story and theirs with you.

profileMy name is Jenni Shah, and I am a proud 6th generation New Zealander.  I am a hand weaver with a passion for yarn that started with my grandmother’s knitting machine.  As it turns out, I am descended from weavers too, with five of my direct Scottish ancestors having worked in the steam loom factories and dye houses of Glasgow in the 1800’s.  Thankfully, my own journey into weaving was far more pleasant than the industrial revolution!  Years spent living in the Pacific Islands exposed me to traditional weaving practices that developed into floor loom weaving with local yarns once we returned to New Zealand.

It often takes a stint away from home to appreciate what you have – and in New Zealand we have an absolute gem.  Our land-forms, native plants and bird-life are alternately stunning, stimulating, contemplative, haunting and calming.  When ever I spend time in the ‘bush’ (as we call our native forests) I breathe deeply and become still, and at that point I can always hear the birds.

The beautiful native birds of New Zealand became my inspiration, and Wrapt in New Zealand was born.  I am delighted to be able to share some of our nature with you.


Tui (Sid Mosdell)