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Wrapt in New Zealand

So my New Zealand Bird series has morphed into something pretty special – Wrapt in New Zealand.   Wrapt in New Zealand uses Merino and rare breed wools, possum down, alpaca, cashmere and mohair fleeces from animals grown in New Zealand.  These yarns are spun and dyed by kiwi artisans before being transformed by a sixth-generation New Zealander into stunning, one-of-a-kind, hand-woven pieces. The inspiration … Read More Wrapt in New Zealand


The Kereru

I love watching big, fat Kereru swoop through the bush, gorging themselves on puriri berries.  Also known as the New Zealand Wood Pigeon, they sit on branches in pairs, white breasts puffed out, beautiful feathers of green and purple shining in the sun. A part of my New Zealand Birds series, the Kereru long scarf, infinity scarf and wrap are made from New Zealand yarns … Read More The Kereru


The Tui

The Tui has the most distinctive bird song in New Zealand (in my humble opinion!) and I love it.  Take a listen to the Tui communicating – it sounds a bit like R2D2!.  They are a type of honeyeater and are found throughout New Zealand. For me, the predominant colours of the Tui are the iridescent blues and greens though they have a lovely saddle of browns to … Read More The Tui


The Pukeko

Pukeko are found everywhere in New Zealand.  These purple swamp hens can be seen all the way from the far south to the north, beside lakes, beaches and motorways too.  They are a close cousin of the Takahe. Pukekos are blue and black, with a bright red bill and legs.  They have a white under-tail that isn’t often seen. A part of my New … Read More The Pukeko


The Kokako

The call of the Kokako is the same as it’s name – “ko~kaaa~ko-ko-ko”.  Again it is distinctive, but it is rare to hear this endangered bird outside sanctuaries.  It is a type of wattle bird, a relative of the Sadleback and the extinct Huia bird. In Maori myth, it was the kōkako that gave Maui water as he fought the sun, seeking to slow … Read More The Kokako


The Kiwi

Of course, the Kiwi is the iconic bird of New Zealand – in fact New Zealanders are proudly called Kiwi’s the world over.  While they aren’t the most melodious of New Zealand birds, they are the cutest.  There are several species of Kiwi, and sadly all are under threat. Kiwis all have a soft, downy brown feather.  These feathers adorned the most precious Maori … Read More The Kiwi


New Zealand Bird Series

I have been pondering and developing this idea for as long as I have been weaving actually.  When I was homesick in Melbourne in 2013 and a new weaver, I visualised a range of scarves and wraps/shawls that were inspired by the colours of the New Zealand birds that I missed.  The time is definitely right now, however, and I am delighted with the results … Read More New Zealand Bird Series

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